Who Can Get Me A Job?

Each individual has unique skills and goals. You are the only one capable of describing your experience thoroughly without reading your resume.

Is there a dedicated person who can manage your job search? I truly doubt that.


  1. There is no magic method to getting a job
  2. Many recruiters I know, myself included, help companies find talent and it is rarely the other way around.

There is really no magic method to finding a great job; however, there is a guaranteed strategy.

First, identify your ideal job, optimize your CV, and then narrow down your preferred companies. I have more detailed posts on this method from identifying your ideal job, writing a winning CV/cover letter to how your job application is seen by the hiring manager.

Secondly, most recruiters I know technically do not work specifically to help candidates get jobs. We work according to the companies’ talent requirements. Without demand, there is hardly any need for supply. The exception is when we come across niche talents. In this case, we pitch them to receptive companies. This works two out of ten times.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that recruiters do not assist candidates. In fact, if you have been contacted by a decent recruiter, s/he will be your advocate. S/he will guide you through every step of your interview process to your first couple of months on the job and will keep in touch afterward.

Good recruiters work more as consultants rather than sketchy salespeople.

Using the steps above, you should get a clearer understanding of the right professionals to network with, including recruitment agencies that specialize in your field, rather than approaching just about anyone; this is a rookie mistake.

In the end, there are a lot of resources to assist in your job search but the majority of the effort must come from you.


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My name is Dami Akinwale and I’m a Recruiter at HRsource in Dubai. By day, you can find me networking with professionals within the Digital Media space. By night, I’m typically creating career-related content, digging through digital marketing news and featuring regularly updated job opportunities on Career Anecdotes©. Also, follow me on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/damiakinwale

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