5 Steps To Job Search Success

1. Determine your ideal job

Write 2 -3 job titles which describe your ideal position. This will also help you with the next steps.

2. Location, location, location

Determine what companies and geographical locations you’ll be open to. Depending on how much time you can devote to your job search, write a list of 20-40 companies related to your search. A simple web search will suffice. A spreadsheet with the companies’ URLs can optimize your search and save you time.
Also, are you available for globally or local opportunities?

3. Avoid mediocre research

When researching on potential employers, it is tempting to do a basic search such as the date the company was established, size of the company. While these are important for you to know, these common details will not distinguish you from other applicants. Find unique and positive details about the companies that you can discuss at potential interviews.

4. Fine-tune your CV

Craft your resume to match the job titles in step 1. For tech jobs, I suggest you follow the Name-Tech Skills-Education/Certifications CV format. The hiring manager will be initially keen on your technical skills.
Also keep in mind that different systems display documents in different ways, so keep the graphics to a minimum and use the same layout consistently on all pages. Save it in PDF and Word format.

5. Apply responsibly

Sign up and search on 2–3 job search portals such as LinkedInIndeed or Monster Jobs. It is important to stick to the job titles in step 1, not just any job. This will save you a lot of time. This will give the right impression of being determined and passionate.
Next, use the spreadsheet created in step 2. Go on to employers’ websites using your spreadsheet and apply. Get contact details and call/mail. Be polite and specific. I suggest finishing off portals before moving to this step. Avoid multitasking when searching to avoid errors.
Finally, always be prepared for phone calls. Have your opening pitch set, work on your tone and avoid sounding monotonic.
Good luck!

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My name is Dami Akinwale and I’m a Recruiter at HRsource in Dubai. By day, you can find me networking with professionals within the Digital Media space. By night, I’m typically creating career-related content, digging through digital marketing news and featuring regularly updated job opportunities on Career Anecdotes©. Also, follow me on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/damiakinwale

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