Should I Include A Photo In My CV?

Your CV is your opportunity to make a lasting first impression and ultimately get yourself an interview, so follow this guide when deciding to include a photo in it.

It is more important to display your achievements, skills and experiences, not your looks.

The best and ethical hiring managers will consider you only on the basis of your skills and value you could bring to the company.
If you must have your picture on your CV, do get it professionally taken or ensure your self-shot photos are cropped and clear.

Avoid photos on the beach, with shades, revealing clothes, group photos, pictures in parties, pictures with your spouse, pictures with your kids.

Also, photos should be recent, taken with good lighting, in your appropriate work attire and have a plain or professional background.

You should avoid including photos in which there are other people, the employer should not be confused as to which person in the picture is you.

It is much better to avoid pictures unless required for customer-facing positions. In this case, ensure you have a great picture taken professionally.

In the end, the no-photo rule is simply a recommendation, employers will most likely view your online profile anyway so focus on a well-written resume that paints a great picture of your experience and what you can offer.

If you need a professional touch to your CV, social media platform or website, check out Photo-JIG. They will edit and convert your picture to HD and web-optimized formats and different styles.


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My name is Dami Akinwale and I’m a Recruiter at HRsource in Dubai. By day, you can find me networking with professionals within the Digital Media space. By night, I’m typically creating career-related content, digging through digital marketing news and featuring regularly updated job opportunities on Career Anecdotes©. Also, follow me on LinkedIn -

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