Do Employers Read Cover Letters?

There really isn’t a definite answer. Whether an employer reads it or not depends on the individual and his or her schedule.

Employers read hundreds or thousands of applications daily. Logically, there really isn’t that much time to read lengthy cover letters in addition to your CV.

However, there are a few tricks for beating the odds to ensure your cover letter not only garners the right attention but also gets you an interview.

First, ensure your letter is addressed to the right person or respectfully at best (“dear HR Manager” should suffice). Failing to address it appropriately or addressing it to the wrong person or company might leave a bad impression. This may happen if your letter is a generic copy-paste work
If addressing a specific hiring manager via mail, ensure your letter is succinct, direct, and error free.

A surefire way to get your cover letter in front of the hiring manager is via email (or snail mail if you prefer).

Attaching it to your CV within a job portal may get it overlooked as it may be overlooked in a bid to quickly get straight to your CV. This only works if you have a direct contact and email respectfully. No spam, not constant mailing, just once is enough.

Alternatively, write a brief paragraph or 6 bullet points which summarize your key skills and educational achievements relevant to the job. This way, employers will see an engaging summary of your profile enough to read on for details.

Ensure your CV summary is engaging enough to keep them reading and eventually get you an interview.

  • MSc professional with 10 years’ experience in HRM in UK and Italy
  • Key tasks include employee relations, business partnering, compensation & benefits, succession planning…etc
  • Bachelors Degree in Law and Business Administration with Dual Honors, Prince2 certification
  • Currently managing a team of 6 including HR Coordinators, Administrators, and reports to the Talent Director

In the end, your resume ultimately paints a picture of what you can achieve in the future. List your education score, relevant committees you were part of, targets achieved on the job, ideas you implemented on the job, projects you have led and additional certifications you achieved – this particularly shows that your skills are up to date.

If you need additional help writing error free and unique cover letters, The CV Center offers a professional cover letter writing service for a small fee.


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