Why Haven’t Employers Gotten Back To Me?

Like a lot of people, you are probably wondering why you apply for loads of jobs and get few interviews or none at all.
Here are some reasons why you are not getting the results you want:

Your CV

Employers initially spend 10 to 30 seconds on each CV, so beat the odds by making your CV clutter-free. Ensure relevant skills are easily accessible on your CV.
Also, when choosing a font, understand that not all computers were designed equally. Different computers display documents in different ways.  So keep the graphics to a minimum and use the same layout consistently on all pages.
Also to make sure your CV always shows up as you intend it to, always save it in PDF and Word format. 

You applied for the wrong job 

This isn’t rocket science. Employers can easily figure out who has the required skills and who will look embarrassed during an interview. If your current experience is nowhere near this role, you’re most likely applying for the wrong job.
If you’re looking to make a career change to a different field, take measurable steps to gain the basic required skills and knowledge to perform the tasks other than living on a prayer.

Gaps in your CV 

 There are many plausible reasons for job-hopping. Job dissatisfaction, personal breaks, study breaks and more. On the other side, employers may question constant unreasonable job hopping to protect their business. The process of training, losing and re-hiring employees is both time-consuming and expensive. One way to go about this is to include logical reasons for breaks or changes in your CV.

Often times, it’s not you, it’s them. You probably have been rejected for reasons beyond your control. You may have been rejected because the position needs to be filled in a shorter time than you can be relocated. Other times, you applied one-CV-too-late, or the job requirements have changed.


Keep in mind that as long as you tailor your CV and job search realistically, there’s nothing wrong with you, you are great.


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My name is Dami Akinwale and I’m a Recruiter at HRsource in Dubai. By day, you can find me networking with professionals within the Digital Media space. By night, I’m typically creating career-related content, digging through digital marketing news and featuring regularly updated job opportunities on Career Anecdotes©. Also, follow me on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/damiakinwale

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