How Your LinkedIn Application Is Seen On The Other Side

  – Abhay Das is a lead recruiter at HRsource Dubai. Witty, knowledgeable and calm under pressure, Abhay is your go-to person for ICT, Crypto and all things nerdy.

Your LinkedIn profile is no less important than your CV. It is a powerful tool that connects you to the job market and is your gateway to greater opportunities.
The fact is a recruiter spends an average of only 6 seconds on your application. This tells you how important it is to have a fully updated profile.
Let me take you down to what we look out when we receive a LinkedIn application.
Most job seekers worry that their LinkedIn applications go straight to the bin without anyone to monitor them. I get about a 1000 plus applicants for every job ad. But trust me when I say this, I go through each profile.
So next time you apply, remember a recruiter has looked into your profile.
If you haven’t received a call yet, do not be disheartened. You probably weren’t right for the role and that’s simply it.
  • This might disappoint some but don’t be surprised – we do take a second look at your profile picture. Though definitely not the deciding factor, it does carry its importance. Try to keep a professional profile picture or one that meets in the middle. Avoid sunglasses, avoid fancy filters and definitely, no selfies especially the hunched ones taken from your belly. Pictures from conferences, professional meet-ups, and seminars add value. Passport photos? Well, when do you ever look like yourselves in them?
  • One thing I always look out for – your current location! If you’ve relocated to the country, the very first thing to do whilst you are at the airport is to change your LinkedIn location. Well, it is true that we do a lot of headhunting for candidates outside the region, but, if you’re an applicant within the country, you are on another level.
  • We like to see a brief personal introduction. No one really reads through how motivated and astute you are but a summary of your industry experience and responsibilities is appreciated.
  • Avoid abbreviations for certain titles. If you are a Business Development Manager, why shorten this to BDM? A clear description of your responsibilities is important. Use the keyboard, use the words. Tell us about what regions you’ve handled, tell us about what technologies you understand, tell us about the verticals and industries you have experience in. Do not discount the importance of this.
  • Update your timelines. Don’t leave your dates open. Start date comes with an end date unless you are still working.
  • Update your education, certifications, and courses.
  • If you speak multiple languages, make sure that you have put it up. LinkedIn has dedicated a column for this.
  • Unless you are desperate for a job, you don’t really have to upload your CV to your profile. I personally don’t find it very appealing. However, for every job application, it is good to have your CV (Word/PDF….portfolio/link for creatives) come to our inbox.
  • We really don’t care how many connections you have so please take off your 10K connections or LION tags.
  • Avoid applying for every job you see. If you are an account executive don’t apply for a General Manager role. If it’s not for you, it is not for you. Random applications just make you an unreliable candidate.
Have a little fun.
 LinkedIn is a professional “social” network. Use it to your advantage.
But hey good news is a good recruiter will always ring the right candidate up no matter how bad your application is seen.

A version of this post appears in LinkedIn on September 8, 2016, on with the headline: “How your LinkedIn Application is seen on our side”.

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